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To Enhance the Power of your Voice Mail
or Answering Machine

Voice mail is a powerful and useful business tool thatís here to stay.  

Jeff McNeal Productions has taken the concept to the next level for any sized business by providing powerful voicemail greeting and prompt recordings to enhance your business identity and credibility with new prospects.  Providing the largest corporations and internationally known business names with branding - and leveling the playing field for much smaller operations, giving them a professional, major market presence in communications.

Savvy system administrators understand that no matter how impressive IVR hardware and software can be, the human element is still the key to the successful implementation of this new and exciting technology.

Since 1978, Jeff McNeal has been voicing and producing radio commercials, along with professional music and voice recordings for both small and large companies throughout the United States in the form of voice mail system recordings and telephone on hold messages when he launched On-Hold Marketing Systems in 1989.

Company President Jeff McNeal explains the value of professional voice recordings: “It wasn't too long ago, that many large businesses didn’t think twice about spending thousands of dollars for a basic voice mail system, but left the crucial task of recording caller greetings and instructions to a staff member with a “good voice”.

Unfortunately, when someone without any formal training in voice announcing tries to sound “professional”, they usually end up sounding forced and unnatural. These resulting feelings of genuine discomfort are then passed subconsciously to the caller, which in turn leads to an inordinate number of caller complaints and a compromised, all-important first impression. “We were sought out by corporate clients who wanted us to record greetings and prompts that would decrease caller objections while enhancing their company identities.”

When a business utilizes our professional voice product, they’ll immediately notice the difference that our quality recordings can make. The caller will notice a rich, mellow voice — authoritative, yet disarming and friendly — guiding them through the process of leaving a message or requesting product literature. This powerful benefit can also be a valuable marketing weapon for smaller business owners who want to "level the playing field" by projecting a larger, more confident identity to their callers.

Voice mail owners or administrators are now able to order custom recorded prompts produced to their specifications, voiced by McNeal himself, whose voice was heard for nearly a decade on KNBC channel 4 in Los Angeles, as well as countless other sources, including numerous movie trailers including Disney's "Frozen", infomercials, network promos, national television commercials and much more. These recordings can often be delivered the same day they are requested via e-mail with .WAV, .AIF, MP3 files or a variety of different formats. Our recordings are of the highest audio quality available for each format we create them in. Each recording starts as a .WAV file, but can be converted into a variety of industry standard formats.

Seamless voice integration can be a very powerful benefit, says McNeal: “One of the main turn-offs that callers have with voicemail is the way some systems have two or more voices on there, providing different instructions to the caller. This can be very disconcerting, leaving the caller feeling as if they’re being passed back and forth which can increase frustration and tension levels.

With one voice guiding the caller through the menu structure, the caller will feel as if he or she is getting the personal attention they deserve. The more familiar they are with the voice, the more relaxing and enjoyable their call will be. And that’s what every business owner wants — happy callers that are ready to do business.”

Another prime advantage over a live answering service that is limited to taking a name, phone number and brief message, is that the business owner is in full control of the phone call from start to finish. Prospects can receive valuable information by branching to different destinations within your IVR system. Finally IVR telephone systems  never have a "bad day", offer consistent, professional and courteous answering any time of the day or night, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are impervious to economic conditions or rising minimum wages.  We help our clients put their best foot forward every time the phone rings, for a fraction of the cost of live operators.

For pricing, additional information about the custom recording services offered by Jeff McNeal Productions or to discuss your specific needs, contact us.

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